BRYTEC now partner for Junior Kühlkörper in Austria

Effective immediately, there is a new partner for the sale of aluminium and precision component parts of Junior Kühlkörper GmbH. BRYTEC GmbH from Salzburg will be the distributor for the Austrian market in future. This name might be known to sector insiders, because the BRYTEC AG already successfully markets products from Junior Kühlkörper in Switzerland.

The extension of the marketing area is also a sign of the exceptionally good and productive co-operation. „For years BRYTEC has been a strong partner and we are pleased with the joint growth“, reports Stefan Quinckhardt, sales manager of Junior Kühlkörper.

BRYTEC specialises in the cooling of electronic construction components, fans and switched-mode power supplies and has long-standing experience as well as a high level of competence, extending from the technical development quotation through to the industrialisation of the products and beyond. For Junior Kühlkörper, the company is therefore the perfect partner for the product range of passive modular elements.


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